Author: John Richmond
Book #0 of Series: N/A
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Published year: 2011
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Emily Burton's powerful psychic empathy is driving her mad. She flees to New York in an effort to drown out the alien emotions of her small Wisconsin town with the white noise of Manhattan's millions. If that fails, she has her father's gun. It's a simple plan, she just doesn't count on falling in love or encountering a serial killer with psy-powers of his own.Emily Burton has boundary issues.A powerful psychic empath, she feels the emotions of everyone around her as if they are her own… and it's driving her mad. In a last-ditch effort to overwhelm her empathic senses, she flees small-town Wisconsin for Manhattan. There she'll give her true self a week to emerge from the chaos. If that doesn't work there's always her father's gun.Emily's plan is simple enough—she just doesn't count on falling in love. Tumbled into a growing romance with a handsome young man, her edges begin to come into focus. But all under the shadow of terror. A madman stalks the city, wielding his victims' worst fears like a knife. The media call him the Phobia Killer and now he wants Emily. Emily Burton plunges into a labyrinth of humanity where she'll either find herself, her life and her love, or the monster and death.Praise for EMPATHY by readers like you:"I loved this book: the plot, the characters, and especially the writing which was wonderful. Mr. Richmond writes beautifully and I found myself time and again noting a particular description or adjective or turn of phrase for its artistry. After I read it, I bought one for my daughter, and then another for my mother, and now my best friend's birthday is around the corner. . . I read at least a book a week, commonly mysteries, and this was better than many, many others I've bought. Very enjoyable; I read it quickly. I hope you enjoy it too. And I hope he publishes his next one soon because I'm waiting for it." --GD

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